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Drop-In Classes
If you can not commit to a full session of these classes, don't worry, you can drop-in!

Exploring Watercolor 

Do you love artists like Claude Monet or Vincent Van Gogh? Michelangelo or Wassily Kandinsky? Are you a beginner, an experienced painter, or want a fun night out? If so, then this class is for you. Fun, simple, and easy-breezy! Our watercolor class meets each painter at their level and focuses on helping them grow as artists in a relaxed space. No stress, just painting! 

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Drawing for Beginners

This is a class for beginners. Students will learn techniques such as line drawing, scale, perspective, shading, and color theory.


Character Drawing

Conducted by the masterful Mr. John Opal, this popular class provides an individualized approach to character drawing utilizing the specific subject interests of each student as base material. Mr. Opal will assess each student’s own goals and initial skill level to provide a custom-tailored starting point. Character Drawing is a small group setting affording plenty of one on one between student and teacher, which makes for a genuinely inviting learning environment.

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