Our adult and teen classes offer a variety of art and craft classes for adults and teens.  Please scroll down and find an adult and teen class that is right for you.

Crochet Class

  • This class will talk about different yarn, types of needles and demonstrate the chain stitch. In addition, students will learn how to hold the needle and yarn while practicing stitching with appropriate tension and stitch length. After taking this class, students will be on their way to create at home. 

Creative Writing Class

All levels welcome; for those interested in writing but do not know where to begin, for experienced writers and would like a little help, or those looking for assistance with writing to get into a college; this class is for you.

We will address all genres of interest! From technical writing, such as cover letters, to fictional writing for storylines, we’ll tackle each students’ likes and areas of interest. Our only goal is to express ourselves through writing and have fun.

Oil Painting

This course is ideal for beginner and intermediate artists. It breaks down the process and structure of creating a painting from start to finish while learning the best supplies, mediums, techniques, cleaners, and how to set up your space.

Using still life as our subject, this class will teach you how painting in layers works with underpainting, glazing, brushwork, and paint application. 

Exploring Watercolor Painting for All Levels

Do you love artists like Claude Monet or Vincent Van Gogh? Michelangelo or Wassily Kandinsky? Are you a beginner, an experienced painter, or want a fun night out? If so, then this class is for you. Fun, simple, and easy-breezy! Our watercolor class meets each painter at their level and focuses on helping them grow as artists in a relaxed space. No stress, just painting! 

Open Studio Sessions

Our open studio sessions are designed to host anyone looking for a quiet area to work in, need more space to create, and for people who like the comradery of making art amongst like-minded people. It is an excellent opportunity to solicit feedback from other artists or to work on your own quietly.

Mosaic Class

This is a beginner-friendly class; however, any level can enjoy it. It is a hands-on class that provides a basic understanding and the skills for creating beautiful mosaics.

We will go over the essential tools and techniques needed to create a mosaic, learning how to safely handle, break, cut, and nip the glass will be part of the instructions. No art or mosaic experience is required!

Acrylic Pour

This is a two-day workshop. During the first class, you'll learn color blending, ratios for mixing with a paint medium, different pouring styles, and learn how to create a masterpiece while in motion. We will leave the paintings at the studio to dry. In the second class, be painting the selected image on top. All paintings are customizable. Click "See Times" to see image and details.