Our adult and teen classes offer a variety of art and craft classes for adults and teens. 
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Exploring Watercolor 

Do you love artists like Claude Monet or Vincent Van Gogh? Michelangelo or Wassily Kandinsky? Are you a beginner, an experienced painter, or want a fun night out? If so, then this class is for you. Fun, simple, and easy-breezy! Our watercolor class meets each painter at their level and focuses on helping them grow as artists in a relaxed space. No stress, just painting! 

Next session starts Oct. 6th


Sewing for Beginners

Get fastened and secured as we button up some basic sewing techniques with our beginner sewing lessons!

We will make our own pillow and small zippered utility bag for travel, pencils, cosmetics, etc.(approximately 6” x 9”)

Learn simple design techniques. Master both hand sewing methods and learn how to operate a sewing machine. As with all of our classes, we provide guidance and advice for future projects

Next session TBD


Mosaic Class

This is a beginner-friendly class; however, any level can enjoy it. It is a hands-on class that provides a basic understanding and the skills for creating beautiful mosaics.

We will go over the essential tools and techniques needed to create a mosaic, learning how to safely handle, break, cut, and nip the glass will be part of the instructions. No art or mosaic experience is required!

Next session TBD


Oil Painting

This course is ideal for beginner and intermediate artists. It breaks down the process and structure of creating a painting from start to finish while learning the best supplies, mediums, techniques, cleaners, and how to set up your space.

Next class TBD