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Workshops & Special Events


Bring your child to Penelope Fox Art Studio for a kids' night out! During this paint party, the light will be off, and the black lights will be on, so dress your aspiring artists in neon colors to glow in the dark.

Neon Paint Party


Join us for two hours of painting and sipping at The Borough Pub in Bristol, PA.

The Borough Pub is the perfect environment for a great time while learning to paint.

Not a painter? Not a problem! Our Penelope Fox Art Studio staff provides encouraging step-by-step instructions to help you create a piece of art you would want to hang up!


Paint & Sip


You've heard of it, fluid art, liquid art, or acrylic pouring, no-mater the name, there's is something enjoyable about creating a free-form masterpiece by letting paint move around the canvas while blending colors and creating shapes.

In this laid-back workshop, you'll explore acrylic pour painting, a technique that utilizes motion and mixing to create abstract paintings. No two paintings are alike!


Acrylic Pour


Enjoy two hours of fun mixing up some colors and forever capturing that special smile that greets you every morning. You don't need to be an expert in drawing or painting. By pre-drawing your canvas, we take the mystery out of portrait painting.

Paint Your Pet

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