Our children’s classes offer a variety of classes for all different ages and skill levels. 
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Tales of the Imagination

In our Tales of The Imagination art class, your doodler will begin to develop their unique artistic voice. Through various materials such as watercolor painting, acrylic painting, drawing, collage, young artists will be immersed in the creative process resulting in their own original artwork. “Tales of the Imagination” provides a nurturing, small group setting in which your child will receive one-on-one attention as well as work in a group.


Conducted by the masterful Mr. John Opal, this popular class provides an individualized approach to character drawing utilizing the specific subject interests of each student as base material. Mr. Opal will assess each student’s own goals and initial skill level in order to provide a custom-tailored starting point. Although popular, Character Drawing is a small group setting affording plenty of one on one between student and teacher, which makes for a genuinely inviting learning environment. These inspiring sessions will focus on imparting the fundamentals of drawing, beginning with sketches and basic drawing techniques.

As students start their illustrative development and are introduced to the value and principles of perspective, anatomical scale, contour, shading, thumbnails and other craft elements, they will efficiently form and define the dimensions of their character creations. All skill levels will feel comfortable in this class while work at building and developing character drawing. 


It’s Art

In this class for kids, we touch base on the fundamentals of art techniques while encouraging your child to take his/her imagination to a place with no limits. Each week is a new project using a range of mediums such as acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, and collage. We like to be fun and free while learning. This is an excellent intro to art class for every child.