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Family and Special Events

Discover the joy of creativity with your family at our special art events!

From toddlers to adults, we have engaging art classes for everyone. Join us for unique family-oriented occasions, whether celebrating a new season or a holiday. These artsy events promise a memorable and enjoyable creative experience for the whole family.

Explore our offerings, and check back regularly as we frequently update these exciting events. Unleash your creativity together and create lasting memories with your loved ones!

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Join us for an exciting collaboration between Oh How Healthy and Penelope Fox Art Studio, bringing together the best of culinary and artistic adventures!

Led by Jamie Zwier from Oh How Healthy and Jina Dierolf from Penelope Fox Art Studio, this 2.5-hour class offers a unique blend of creativity and deliciousness. Families will partake in an art class followed by a cooking extravaganza.

In the art portion, participants will engage in a mixed media project, crafting a self-portrait holding a pizza using markers, watercolor, oil pastels, and construction paper. Under the guidance of Jina Dierolf, discover your artistic talents and create a masterpiece that's as unique as you are!

Following the art session, Jamie Zwier will lead young chefs and their parents through a hands-on cooking experience. Using fresh and wholesome ingredients, families will assemble their own mouthwatering pizzas on naan bread, accompanied by homemade tomato sauce. Don't worry about sharp tools – we've got everything you need for a safe and enjoyable cooking experience!

From spreading sauce to chopping and adding toppings, kids will have a blast expressing their creativity as they customize their pizzas with a colorful array of veggies, cheese, and other delicious toppings. Whether they opt for a classic cheese pizza or invent their own culinary masterpiece, this class promises plenty of fun, learning, and, of course, delectable pizza to enjoy together as a family!

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